Saturday, 20 August 2011

Seeing is believing

I have often thought about what use a picture has. What does it do for us? Is there a meaning etched into its existence or can it just be pleasing to the eye for some unexplainable reason?

As the audience and viewer, do 'you' get what 'I', the photographer, was trying to convey? (if any...?)

Where do these particular images come from? 
'A drop long way from the ocean'
A million miles before these thoughts had even formed in my head came a lovely still morning, after a night of rain and yet again I was inexplicably drawn outside with my camera.  So began another shoot...    
'Rise above it'

The thing is... and I am the first to admit...emotions play a great part in taking that shot.  So even though external conditions may be perfect what you harbour in your inner sanctum has a massive effect on results.      

 Ok, so onto admission no 2., yes this could all be down to the fact that I am a female and intuitive to boot. I can freely say this, because I truly believe it gives me an edge... I love my analytical eye....roving...trying to find things never seen before...

So its an adventure then...? Into a visual scape hopefully not yet explored by the viewer?

'Acorn a minute...'

I hope so...there is nothing like seeing something for the first time or to be more exact, of seeing a 'thing' you have known in your life already that is presented in a new format before your eyes.  


Don't get me wrong, I am not here to cater for everyone. That would be an impossible task, so like with all the other things in this life I create images that first and foremost appeal to me...and if you come and join me on the ride, great!

'In a haze'

Maybe its down to the technical elements of an image? Rule of thirds, compositions, focus, colour, light and dark. Yes we may all have heard of these things before and it's not to be dismissed, but these were not the things that were in the forefront of my mind as I was taking the shots.

For me its much more of an intuitive process, which has been fine tuned with every click of the button.


..and before pacman took over

Beauty is a summation of the parts working together in such a way that nothing needed to be added, taken away or altered — ' Elio Carletti '

Perhaps Elio Carletti was right, it is when it all comes toghether in a perfect union of external and internal elements when both 'you' and 'I' can truly be happy with the visual results and lose ourselves in a subconscious tour of the image itself.

So even though I never intended to answer my initial query, I am happy to get you thinking about the processes that are continually working behind the scenes.

My hope is that all of these images take 'you' to your happy place as it does me...



'The net'

'Under a bright blue sky'

'Yellow Brick Road'

'Scarlet fields'


'Pot Luck'

'la maison'



'eye to eye'

'Gilly 'horse whisperer' Ford'

'Black...Equestrian Beauty'

Till next time....

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