Saturday, 8 October 2011

You can take the BOY out of the country, but....

You can not take the country out of the boy.

So the old saying goes. In fact, you can all bear witness too.

Fair enough so we have finished all the work on the house, so what do we do now?
Scratching head....lightbulb....BING!

Its amazing how the spirit of man and machine became one, in just a matter of moments they knew they were destined to be together.
The talk around the lunch table was overrun with; wow that mower, did you see that mower do such and such, how efficient is that mower...and on and on it went.

Needless to say with these kind of activities going on I did not see the boys at all that whole afternoon...

...until that is I hear my name being called. I rush outside thinking the worst has happened (see my maternal instincts are already being sharpened and honed), only to find this sight before my eyes:

He just loves tree and unfortunately for some, here I have to extinguish that myth and let you know that no not in a 'Let me hug that tree' kind of way.

I guess that fact that he always goes on about liking to watch monkeys, should have set alarm bells going off in my head about kindred spirits and all.

All in all a very productive afternoon, I say this as I sit before a lovely fire, fuelled by the one and only lovely oak tree, whose demise you just witnessed.

God knows what he will get up to when we leave France for the built up city of Leeds...needless to say we may have to avoid the local park in case of repeating tendencies...

Till next time...xx

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Basking in the afternoon sun...

Another lazy day, not a cloud in the sky. Even the French air force jets can't take the air of romanticism out of this afternoon...

I will miss you Les Pigaux.