Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Shenanigans of Friends, Figs, Flowers, Food & Frogs

The wind changes.

Fresh southerly breezes bring with them a friend old & new.
 A multitude of elements - humour, food, philosophies - all line up to provide an experience full of feasts.

Gorge yourself and think not of the remorse of the day after.

So it was, that when Michael came to visit, we were all pleasantly dislodged from the regular grooves of our daily routines and in the presence of a 'gourmand of life' it was impossible not to enjoy, just that, life.

Reap what you sow
Hence came the preparation of a multitude of delicious meals (thank you Jane!) with the help of the Bio/ Organic/ Fresh/ Eco etc produce from our lovely little garden.Well if the world is going to end on the 28th Oct you might us well be prepared...

Every day we waited for lunchtime to arrive with abated breath. It had even been aluded to, to move the clocks forward in anticipation of the culinary sensations to come.

Food is a social thing in our household. Many wrongs are put to rights, world problems solved, new & existing philosophies ironed out and first and foremost eachothers' minds broadened.

'Broadening of minds'

Not surprisingly, all this verbal sword play, creates the most terrible hunger and once again more delicious food needed to be eaten.  Ah, such a hard life!

Paprika scented roast veggies
Luscious Pear Pie
with Berry drizzle

One minute here the next, gone...

Would love to say that all the fruit in the pie was our own, but never mind because meanwhile in the  background, the next meal has already been of figdom tumble into our heads...

Fig. 1 & 2
Best dressed fig picker

While the girls busy themselves with glamorous cooking ideas for the next meal, the boys head out on testosterone fuelled bonding mission.

On a mission
 The waves may be small and a little messy, but you spot the occasional little barrel sneaking through and the water is warm, made more so by the howling onshore winds.

Yes, you look like a surfer, for real.
I really did wish that someone had bothered to bring our towels to the beach at this point.

C'est la vie, the trooper troops on.
'Dream time'

Having spent hours in the water, the boys found themselves in a familiar predicament. Hunger strikes!

I think you know what's coming...

Cheese & Onion Buckwheat slice
Plate continental
 Savoury & sweet...its actually a fantastically easy recipe. Gluten free, but a taste sensation and you can add whatever flavours you like to it...I found the said recipe perusing on the web.

I urge you all to try it out here is the link to the recipe:  Buckwheat Loaf 

The only thing I replace is instead of the 2 Cups groats, use other seeds, nuts or buckwheat flour to make up dry ingredients. The mix looks the consistency of cake mix, but that is the moistness you want. You can always leave it longer in the oven!

Seeing as how I have already managed to cover cookery, sport, travel in my blog why not go the whole hog I ask and include a spot of gardening. Jane, this bit is for you to show off!

Meanwhile, in the garden pretty things were bursting into view...

Glory of the white crown...
Rose bud

The truest definition of a rose...

Amongst the rustling leaves of the garden, by the light of dusk is the perfect time for a little serenade...

Jammin at dusk

Play it by ear

So I am sure you can tell that over the last few days there has been an abundance of different stimuli bombarding our senses and it has been so nice to share it with you.
I loved every minute and remind myself how good it is to share things with other people, hopefully a smidgen of this is passed on to you too.

But before I can truly sign off I have to share this last section with the world.

Think the kooky 'happy' story at the end of the news on TV...
The headline would read something like this:

"''Toad's legs saved by Kiwi'' - Not on our menu says French house owners!"

One toad in the hand is worth two in the bush...?
Prince in waiting

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