Thursday, 5 April 2012

capturing those special & mrs davis

I feel lucky...

Lucky to have witnessed these moments.

All those people who have opened their lives and encouraged me to step inside (with my camera)....thank you so much...

The happy moments are truly humbling.

Alice and Boyd are a lovely couple who asked me to take a few shots of their special day.

Made all the more special because of their life long friends who happened to be visiting from overseas...
So after 15 years together having met in high school they decided to throw a wedding in 2 weeks.

A wedding planners nightmare right, well not for them,their friends and family who all came on board to help out...

and precisely from that emerged an atmoshphere  so relaxed and together you couldn't help but feel part of the family.

the lovely groom - Boyd
the beaming bride - Alice

With no doubt in my mind, may the happy moments just continue on, always.

This is my tribute to both of you & Hane! xxx

x x x csilla


  1. beautiful photos of a beautiful wedding!

  2. Amazing shots Csill!!! Wonderful eye! ♥

  3. Thanks guys....I think you could tell how happy they are together...beautiful day....beautiful