Thursday, 29 September 2011

Another beautiful day...

Incredibly its coming to the end of September and yet I find myself ever thankful for these beautiful, warm days that just keep blessing us with their presence. You know the ones, they usually start with a misty sun rise and a chill in the air, only to be transformed into the glory of a day full of beaming sunshine...

...and so we just had to answer the call of the beach.

As the clouds parted

Eat Weetbix much...?

The reason for every surfer's excitement.

Other surfers out to play.


Lots of jellies washed up this morning

Watching them rolling by
As the clouds part

Ride 'em cowboy


The birds also looked like they were enjoying the thrill of the waves

There were some lovely waves with a lovely face - great carving material

Raising the roof. whoop whoop Gilly



Sand art - I love seeing little details like this

The patterns were just so perfectly crisp in the sand, I couldn't resist taking a snap.

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